All The Brave Hunters & Sonny Casey

All The Brave Hunters & Sonny Casey

Friday, 26 May 2023, 8.00pm

All The Brave Hunters is the artist name of Alain McFadden, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is also a member of the award-winning folk group Ye Vagabonds. ‘Painted Glass’ marks McFadden’s debut solo release, recorded in the scenic surroundings of West Cork and inner-city Dublin. For this project, Galway-based artist Alain McFadden collaborated with producer Brían Mac Gloinn (vocals, bouzouki, harmonium, fiddle) from Ye Vagabonds, Elva Carroll (vocals), and Nick Rayner (known for his work with artists like Ye Vagabonds, Talos, Saint Sister, Anna Mieke).

The musical arrangements of the EP draw inspiration from folk, indie, and traditional music. The songs feature intricate three-part harmonies, percussion, and a variety of acoustic instruments such as fiddles, bouzoukis, and guitars. Additionally, the inclusion of drones from a Prophet synth and an Indian Harmonium adds a unique dimension to the sound.

Reflecting on the EP, McFadden shares, “This collection of songs was inspired by the concept of a painted glass window within every heart. It represents the idea that you can see through it, but you can never fully grasp the warmth and depth inside; only the reflection of the Painted Glass. As I contemplated the interplay of light and what we allow into our lives, a theme emerged while writing these songs—a sense of warmth and rising from darkness, keeping the cold frosting outside.”

The songs on ‘Painted Glass’ explore themes of love, loss, and the cyclical nature of darkness and light. McFadden’s sonic vision for the record was to capture the feeling of unity, as if everyone is playing and singing together in the same room. The subtle nuances and collective sounds reinforce a sense of togetherness.

Join All The Brave Hunters and Sonny Casey for an evening at An Taibhdhearc. Experience the introspection and warmth captured in Alain McFadden’s debut solo release, ‘Painted Glass.’ Immerse yourself in the unique blend of folk, indie, and traditional influences that define the sound of All The Brave Hunters.

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Published by The Journal of Music on 22 May 2023

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