The Covert Voices
Rachel Deckard reviews Galway singer Maija Sofia at the Black Gate – our latest review in the Music Writer Mentoring Scheme for Galway City and County.
Dance Moves in the Banquet Hall
Listening Bodies, a collaboration between the vocal group Tonnta and Kirkos ensemble, took place in Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre at the weekend and featured a four-hour programme of Irish and international work. Mark Fitzgerald reviews.
The High Drama of Homophobia
Conor Mitchell's provocative new opera based on the DUP's derogatory comments on homosexuality premiered in Belfast last week. Laura Sheary reviews.
Witness to Suffering
Kirkos ensemble gave a performance of Sebastian Adams' 'Harry Patch' and Robert Coleman's 'Cross' last month in Dublin. Tim Diovanni reviews.
Seeing Beyond
The Irish Memory Orchestra and 26 musicians with sight loss gave the world premiere of Dave Flynn's Vision Symphony last weekend. Toner Quinn reviews.
There Are No Winners
Last weekend, Irish National Opera gave the first ever Irish performance of an opera by Vivaldi – the story of a formidable woman subjected to ridicule and abuse. Toner Quinn reviews.
Impossible Craft
In her latest article for the Galway City and County Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, Tara Broderick reviews Norwegian hardanger fiddle-player Nils Økland and band at the Galway Jazz Festival.
Navigating Life and Art
In his second article for the Galway City and County Music Writer Mentoring Scheme, Massimo Cattaneo reviews a performance by harper Úna Monaghan with singer Pauline Scanlon at the Galway Jazz Festival.
The Brutality of Bureaucracy
Irish National Opera presented the world premiere of Evangelia Rigaki’s installation opera 'This Hostel Life' last week, a work based on Melatu Uche Okorie's book of short stories on life in direct provision in Ireland. Mark Fitzgerald reviews.
Tracing the Influences
Dave Munnelly's album of newly composed music, 'Aonair', has a certain interiority, writes Adrian Scahill, and avoids explicit references to Irish dance forms.